Sweany Headshot 3.4.16Since 1999, Brian Sweany has worked for Recorded Books, the world’s largest independent audiobook publisher, where he currently serves as Director of Acquisitions and has collaborated with such varied authors as Diana Gabaldon, Dean Koontz, and Alice Walker.

Brian has a BS in English and History from Eastern Michigan University, from which he graduated magna cum laude in 1995. A former semi-professional student, his collegiate tour included stop-overs at Wabash College (the all-male school that reputedly fired Ezra Pound from its faculty for having sex with a prostitute), Marian University (the former all-female school founded by Franciscan nuns that if you don’t count his expulsion has fired no one of consequence and is relatively prostitute-free), and Indiana University (via a high school honors course he has no recollection of ever attending).

Brian has spent most of his life in the Midwest and now lives near Indianapolis with his wife of 20+ years, his three children, and their two rescue dogs.